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Handling Wind Damage to Your Roof

High-velocity winds can pose a threat to your home and property, including your vehicles and external structures. A few preventative measures, along with a basic understanding of your insurance policy, might help you lower the risk of wind damage to your property and save you money on repairs and lost productivity. Read on to find out more about handling wind damage to your roof:

Make Sure Your Roof Can Handle High Winds

To ensure that your roof is reasonably protected from wind damage, have it inspected by professionals. They can check to make sure that your shingles meet local building codes and are well-rated for wind and impact resistance. They may also check to see if the roof sheathing and shingles are securely nailed down. Additionally, they will be able to ensure that HVAC units, skylights, and chimneys are secure.

Clear Branches and Heavy Plants From Your Roof

If you own a home, you probably have trees growing around the perimeter of your home. Depending on their height, those trees may have branches brushing up against your roof. Those branches can become a serious problem during a powerful windstorm. Tree branches can lift shingles, knock out gutters, and damage vents and flash. Ensuring tree limbs are trimmed down prior to a windstorm can guard against wind damage to your roof and ensure costly repairs are prevented.

Check the Supporting and Surrounding Structures

You can safeguard your roof further by securing the supporting and surrounding structures. Regularly cleaning your gutters, ensuring that your garage door is pressure rated, and inspecting your attic can help reduce your risk of wind damage. An inspector can help you check that your roof sheathing is secured to your roof trusses.

Interested in learning more about insurance claims and wind damage? Give us a call to learn more about how we can assist you with your claim!

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