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I recommend this office of Avner for any home owner out there like myself that is going through any loss in their home! The staff here will help you throughout your claim process and will do whatever it takes to make sure you and your family get what you deserve they will inform you in complete detail on any questions you may have and will gladly help anyone in need. I am very thankful I found this office.

Unfortunately, we had water damage and needed to place a claim with our insurance company. If you are reading this review, then you are probably in a similar situation. At the very beginning of the claim process, I called a friend who recently went through a claim for his advice and he said to call Avner Gat and speak with Gary Weinzimer immediately. He said initially he worked directly with his insurance company and everything seemed to be just fine. After a few weeks into the claim, he became frustrated because the insurance company was slow to follow up and kept cutting/denying the repair estimates. He reached out for advice from his network and someone referred him to Gary. Gary took over and got everything handled per the insurance policy. He said if he had to do it over again, he would have called Gary on day #1 and let Gary handle the claim. Avner Gat are the professionals and they understand the policy details, not the average home owner.
Long story short ... we hired Gary from Avner Gat to handle our claim. BEST decision. I had NO idea of how complex the claim process can be as well as all of the details in my policy. Gary explained everything and followed up as needed. He is extremely professional, helpful, and respectful. I cannot stress this enough --- if you have a claim, call Gary W. He is honest and will help you through the entire process.
To Gary and the Avner Gat Team: Thank you so much for everything you did to assist with our claim. All of the emails, documents, photos, etc. --- We are really appreciative of your hard work and thank you for your assistance.

Thank you Nadav from Avner Gat, Inc. for all the time and energy you gave us. We had a nightmare dealing with Mercury and our building. He was able to organize everything. Get documents from the right people and assist us in processing everything. This whole indsutry has its own language and we would not recommend anyone to do it alone. Call Nadav even to just ask for questions and advice they are very nice and willing to help.

I can't thank Nadav from Avner Gat, Inc. enough for providing exceptional service! He was an invaluable resource and helped make the process of our homeowners insurance claim so much easier. We had unexpected water damage and were referred to him by our contractor. No matter what time of day, he was always quick to answer all of our questions. He took the time to personally understand our situation and provided curated guidance every step of the way. His level of care and professionalism was deeply appreciated. Nadav is the perfect person to have in your corner.

The best. Robair Sherrod, our agent was super. His follow through and detail orientation was perfect. Hopefully, we don't need to call upon Avner Gat again but I have complete trust in them if we need them. Robair stayed in contact with us at every step of the way. I have no hesitation about highly recommending the company and Robair specifically.

I'm a very busy chiropractor in a busy area of Chula Vista, San Diego and we had an unfortunate incident occur. Someone thought it would be fun to turn on the hose hook-up just off the side of our building and stick the hose into our front door mail-slot. Our entire front entry, sitting room, lobby, and some of our private rooms were flooded when we arrived, not good for business! I had to deal with things quickly in order to be able to open back up for business. Thank goodness we had Gary from Avner Gat, Inc. Public Adjusters to help guide us through the complicated process with our insurance company. I didn't realize the importance of having an expert in your corner, but see the value of it now. Our insurance payout allowed us to replace our entire floors, paint, and restore our place of business to even better than it was without coming out of pocket. Thank you Gary, and Avner Gat, i Inc. for helping us get through the process. P. S. The hose hook-up is now locked up! Rob

Let me start by saying that I was referred to this company to help with an insurance company that was just bullying us. Aidan met with us and was knowledgeable and made us feel at ease in what was a stressful situation. You expect your insurance company to be there for you when you need them instead of just trying to rip you off. Aidan and his team went to work fighting against the insurance company to do what was right and to pay for the damages to my home. They never gave up, even as the insurance company continued to push back. All I can say is I am glad that I had someone in my corner that knew how to get the insurance companies attention and someone who stood up for us. Hopefully I never need their services again, but if I do I will be calling Aidan first.

Never has a business been more deserving of a positive Yelp review. I was in a traumatic and stressful situation when I had an unexpected issue arise in my brand new home causing catastrophic damage. I'd never filed an insurance claim before. I was lost and confused, unsure how to navigate the claim process. I am the type of person who does extensive research and handles her own sh*t, but this was over my head. I started calling public adjusters and held mini phone interviews with maybe 5-6, even had a couple come out to see my home. But when I came across Avner Gat Inc, it was so clear they were different, so far above the others. I was assigned Alex H. and what a true professional he is! He is a technical expert in his field, but also personable, caring, resourceful, innovative, and easy to talk to. Alex got to work immediately to get my claim processed, and correctly. Seriously, what a relief to have someone in your corner! I only wish I had called them the very first day! From now on, if I am ever in an unfortunate situation like this ever again, I know what to do. And I will recommend Alex and Avner Gat Inc to everyone I know. Thank you Alex and team, I'm so glad you all exist!

Missy was extremely attentive, always got back to us and worked hard to try to get a claim for us. Easy to work with, professional and very knowledgeable how insurance claims work.

I had a water leak in my house and had to deal with my homeowners insurance company. Naively I assumed our insurance would cover the damages, which they didn't UNTIL Avner Gat, Inc. stepped in. I'm forever grateful to Bryan and Kathy for fighting for me and wish I knew about public adjusters earlier! Kathy was my main contact and she guided me through this very stressful time and followed up on every turn. I highly recommend Avner Gat, Inc!

There's not enough that I could say about our experience in working with Kathy Gantt at Avner Gat. After a winter rainstorm opened up a leak in our roof and ruined the wood floors in my 100-year-old house, our insurance company wanted to settle for $7,000 after my deductible.
I hired Avner Gat to represent us as our Public Adjuster. Kathy was a bulldog constantly advocating for us and engaging with our insurance provider. I would've been lost in this process had it not been for Kathy and Avner Gat. She fought for things I didn't even realize were issues but would've easily added up to 10's of thousands of dollars out of our pocket to resolve this flooding issue. We settled for more than 10X what our insurance provider originally offered.
Don't wait and don't worry. The minute something happens to your home ... call Avner Gat. Worth their weight in gold.
Thanks Kathy and Avner Gat!

When my house flooded I was so lost and confused on what to do an where to start. My insurance company was extremely hard to deal with and gave zero guidance, just more headaches. With two little ones and very little time on my hands due to my demanding job, I was in a panic! One of my co-workers saw the distress I was in and said do not worry I have the man for you. She immediately got my in contact with Gary Weinzimer at Avner Gat Inc., that is when everything changed. Gary and Avner Gat Inc are more than true professionals.....they are heroes. Gary immediately got involved and took 1000lbs off my shoulders. He handled absolutely everything but most importantly my impossible to deal with insurance company. If I ever hear of anyone going through what I experienced I will immediately get them in contact with Gary at Avner Gat! Thank you guys again, you truly are my heroes, 2 thumbs way up!

Gary at Avner Gat Inc was a life saver on our recent claim. A toilet in the unit above us overflowed and leaked throughout our condo. After 6 months of getting nowhere with our homeowners insurance and already filing a complaint with the California Department of Insurance, I called Avner Gat and spoke to him about our situation. He listened carefully and then had Gary from his team call me to gather info and schedule a walk through at our home. I explained that our insurance company had lied to us about the scope of work the initial EMS vendor recommended - they tried to strong arm the vendor to just lift the carpets, replace the pads and clean and deodorize the carpets. The EMS vendor refused stating that after CAT 3 (toilet water) touches anything porous, it must be removed and replaced. That EMS vendor backed out of the project subsequently. We brought on a new water mitigation vendor and our insurance company sent us a check that matched their quote to the penny but then told us that 1/3 of that payment should be sent to the initial EMS vendor for the machines to dry out our floors. Now we were stuck with a useless check and the insurance company never even negotiated the quote with our vendor. Our insurance company had also shuffled us through 7 adjusters or supervisors already - each time resulting in us having to explain our situation over and over again further delaying any movement. The last adjuster we communicated with was an independent adjuster they assigned to us whose agenda clearly was to delay our claim and pay as little as possible to us. It got to a point where the adjusters and supervisors stopped calling us back. Additionally they refused to pack out our contents or relocate our family so that the water mitigation work could begin.
Gary was very transparent and set our expectations up front that this would be a challenge but that he could help us. To get our insurance company's attention, Gary asked us to write a letter that laid out all the ways our claim had been mishandled and gave us email addresses for 3 executives to send this to. We sent the email Friday evening and Monday morning we got a call from our insurance company asking how they could help move our claim forward. Finally! We worked with the new adjuster to get the pack out quote approved and our family moved into temporary housing. We then hired a water mitigation vendor to start right away. After the demolition, our condo was stripped down to the frame in all 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and the hallway closet. There's no way the two of us, our 2 small kids and dog could have lived there AND worked from home while half of our unit was gutted. Although we were finally making some progress, we knew we needed Gary's expertise and experience to get us to the finish line. Gary took over all communication with the insurance company once we signed on with him. We trusted his advice every step of the way and it paid off immensely as he was able to get the maximum payout on our policy for repairs and additional money we wouldn't have known to ask for. After being relocated for 3 months, our home was finally repaired to pre-loss condition and we were able to move back in. We truly enjoyed working with Gary and would highly recommend him and Avner Gat Inc to anyone who is having a difficult time with the insurance company on their claim. We didn't even know what a public adjuster was before this ordeal but we are so grateful that we discovered this service and got the help we needed!

They were truly a pleasure to deal with. Bryan was super direct, honest and patient throughout the entire process. Took all of the headache and stress out of the process and they went above and beyond for us. Bryan was there every step of the way and really fought for us when the insurance company was trying to lowball us. If we didn't have him to help us, we would have been in big trouble.
I have contacted him since my original claim for another issue at my business and he was, again, extremely direct and honest. He gave me tons of advice and spent more time than I would have expected anyone to and now I remember why I went with Avner Gat in the first place!
Thank you again to Bryan and team and I highly recommend them to anyone!

One evening our water heat burst and leaked in our laundry room + media room. We've heard good things about this company in the past so we decided to contact them. They sent an adjuster named Gary to our house that same night to start the drying process. Gary was amazing to work with and he made the whole process so quick and seamless with the insurance company. Avner Gat, Inc. was so reliable and you can tell they truly care about their customers. Because of Gary, we finished our complaint through our insurance company in under 3 months and he gave us special attention every step of the way.

My family and I are so happy and thankful that we were able to work with Avner Gat Inc. They are truly professionals at what they do, but more importantly they don't forget that they are dealing with human beings that have suffered a tragedy. Their claims skills are highly impressive but their compassion and care for their clients from start to finish is something very rare and truly appreciated!!!
We worked with the AMAZING Kathy Gantt through the entire process. Kathy, Brian and Avner are knowledgeable and know how to talk Insurance language with the insurance company. They also have the best vendors in place to help you present your claim. Our Homeowners claim was not something that was very large, but Kathy treated us like her number one clients the whole time. She always made sure we are informed by emails or calls on everything, that type of disclosure is why they are honest, caring and by our personal experience the BEST Claims Adjusters in the business!
We highly recommend Kathy if you are in need of a Claims Adjuster who will be compassionate and look out for your best interest and get you the highest results if you are making a claim.
Thank you so much Kathy, Brian and Avner at Avner Gat Inc!!!

I highly recommend this company! Nadav is extremely honest and trustworthy! He completely guided me and made me feel comfortable talking to him about the incident that happened to our home. If you are looking for a public adjuster I highly highly recommend Nadav!!! Thank you for everything!!! We appreciate your time and honesty!!

First and foremost I have never heard of a Public Adjuster. But I am so glad I know of them now. I happen to have some water damage in my home at the end of the year, and after mentioning to my cousin I was having difficulty understanding the process and my insurance company adjuster had said some things that didn't sit well with me, they recommended I find a public adjuster. THE BEST ADVICE EVER!
The first few I spoke with seemed alittle off, but then I used yelp and found Avner Gat p Public Adjusters. They were so supportive in hearing out my concerns and based on my information they set me up with Cindy Gallo. Cindy has been a God send, we talked through my issues and then she came and saw the damage in my home. Due to where I was in the process Cindy couldn't fully represent me, as it was expressed they did not want their clients to have an out of pocket expense. But she was able to offer support and advice to me regardless! This nearly brings me to tears now, as without her help my insurance would have bulldozed me and my family. I see that now that we have gone through the process, Cindy really support us so much. Cindy really helped me navigate this process and took time out of her days to respond and help me with communicate back and forth with my insurance adjuster. I will always use Avner Gat and will forever recommend their services, and they have an amazing adjuster in Cindy Gallo. I am so thankful.

I had a urgent call on a Sunday morning and they replied right away and address my issues with possible solutions. I highly recommend to anyone. They are very responsive and friendly.

Bryan and his team are amazing! I can not begin to say how much they were able to help and get the results I need! Long story short, I had a flood in a property that I own and the insurance company was quick to cut me a check for about one third of the cost of the damages. Bryan and his team were able to recoup the remainder of the funds needed to complete the repairs need to get my property back to the way it was. My advice, call Avner Gat and Bryan before you even file your claim to avoid any headaches while dealing with your insurance company. Bryan and his team will take over and make it a seamless experience so you can get what you are supposed to in order to complete your project. I am forever grateful for your help and I have no problem referring Avner Gat and Bryan in the future!

I hired Avner Gat to handle my water damage claim. Nadav was assigned to me and he was always available, responsive and professional. They handled the claim professionally and in a very satisfactory manner. I would definitely recommend them.

Unfortunately, my home suffered a water loss and a claim was filed with my insurance company. The insurance company sent out their vendor for mitigation services and the process was entirely confusing from the start. My insurance company was giving me the run around and wasn't being transparent about the process.
I was basically held hostage in my home for a week, missing work, as the mitigation company was setting up multiple appointments for contractors. My adjuster from the insurance company failed to explain the process to me which left me anxious and confused.
Out of frustration, I googled who could assist me in a homeowners claim and the results shows a Public Adjuster. I had no idea a what a Public Adjuster was and then called my contacts for a referral to a Public Adjuster. I had one arrive to my home and he mentioned that it was too late to retain a Public Adjuster as the mitigation work has been started. I was distraught and searched on Yelp for a Public Adjuster. I came across Aver Gat and called the number, Avner answered himself and I explained the situation and said he could have someone come out the next day. I asked if he could send someone the same day as I was anxious and worried what was going on in my home. Avner sent Cindy Gallo who arrived within an hour. Cindy looked at my residence and noticed problems that the mitigation company did. She brought in another mitigation company the next day for a second opinion and I was informed that the mitigation company my insurance company sent exposed asbestos all around the home! They were not suppose to remove any flooring or walls without asbestos test results. Cindy was a live saver! If it wasn't for her, my family and I would have been breathing asbestos.
I was hoping Cindy would take my case and was ready to sign a contract but Cindy mentioned that she did not bring the paperwork as she did not want to pressure or rush me which I appreciated. Immediately after, Cindy went to her home to print the documents and signed me. Keep in mind, this was all on a weekend.
Cindy was not just been my adjuster but a friend as she comforted me during my times of need. Seeing my home severely damaged took an emotional toll on me in addition to moving from hotel to hotel. Cindy was able to put me in a more permanent residence after a long battle with my insurance company.
The claim is still ongoing and I will post updates.
Thank you Cindy and the team at Avner Gat! I wish knew about a Public Adjuster before.

My wife and had no idea how helpful a public adjuster would be in dealing with our home insurance. We were introduced to Gary by a Handiman that was here in our kitchen helping mop a flood that flowed from below our kitchen sink. Before that time we thought about dealing directly with our insurance only to find out most companies give you the least. Gary from Avner-Gat was there thru the entire process from finding a company that found us a home to rent for the 4 month to getting us a moving company to store our furniture and valuables to moving in and out of our rental home. We would recommend Gary at Avner-Gat to anyone having to repair their home after damage from a fire, flood etc. We are back home after 4 months with new carpets, flooring, paint and kitchen cabinets. Excellent!!!

I called Avner Gat to help with my Palm Springs condo that had a flood. I received a call back from Jeff Janes who promptly answered all my questions. Even though at the end of the day the insurance company paid me enough to get the condo fixed, Jeff went out of his way to follow up with me every couple weeks just to make sure I was ok. He was so friendly, helpful and really cared- he also said from the beginning 'you may not need our assistance, but I'm here to answer any questions either way.' Turns out all the people he put me in touch with were top notch- from restoration companies to the estimator. I cannot thank you enough for caring about my outcome first- others may have cared about their bottom line but Avner Gat cared about my situation. Very grateful to have found you. Best! Tina B

Great company. Pleasure to work with. Adjuster Cindy Gallo was a extremely professional, personable and reliable. Would recommend this company to friends and family.

"Call Gary". That has become my go to line for any friend who is going through a claim. We had a water leak and a friend referred us to Avnet Gat. Gary Weinzimer was assigned to our case and was beyond fantastic. Great follow up, up front honest communication, and he was truly an advocate for us. If you are thinking you can handle it on your own...DON'T. My biggest advice is step 1 call Gary before you speak or do a thing. Could not be happier and he made an extremely stressful situation come to a successful positive close.

Cindy who works in the Long Beach area has been amazingly supportive and helpful in assisting me during this difficult time. My condo flooded and the water leak caused water damage in the common area of my building and in the two units below mine. I had no idea how to deal with my insurance company and my intimidating adjuster who didn't want to assist me or pay for the necessary repairs. Cindy has been responsive to all of my questions and concerns and has made this process so much less stressful and overwhelming. Having her as a public adjuster/consultant is something I am very grateful for and I would highly recommend her services. It's been priceless to have her as an advocate.

John Starkey was the man! He had the resources, the support and the where with all not to give up on our claim and as a result - really obtained what we think no other could have done. Thanks John!

You need to call Avner Gat and hire them as your public adjuster if you have any insurance claims. We were getting no where with our insurance adjuster and was switched to 3 different adjusters in a matter of a couple months until we called Avner Gat. We were assigned Cindy Gallo and she was immediately on point, read through our insurance policy, and explained the situation and process with us. She always answered our calls and any questions we had, and was relentless in pushing our claims adjuster to get what we deserved. She is super knowledgeable with all the rules and insurance regulations. She was an awesome advocate for us throughout the entire process and couldn't be more happier with her and the company. You will not be disappointed and don't hesitate. It was well worth it.

My family (and dad especially) have used the services of Avner Gat and John Starkey over many years now, and I can confidently state that they have consistently exceeded our highest expectations in dealing with insurance companies. Thanks John for being so great to work with

Calling Avner Gat was one of the best decisions I've ever made. We had a hot water slab leak in our kitchen complicated by asbestos in the drywall. All the lower cabinets, the flooring, and much of the drywall had to be trashed. The insurance company wanted to pay us a sum so small that no reputable contractor would do the work for that amount. Missy was great! She got us many times what we would have gotten from the insurance company, enough to have our kitchen restored without paying out of pocket. We had been cheated by another insurance company in the past when we didn't know about public adjusters. We now advise everyone to hire a public adjuster if they have an insurance claim and Avner Gat and Missy are superb!

"Johnnnn!!!! JOOHHHNNNN!! LEAVE JOHN A 5 STAR REVIEW!!!", says my mother, every minute of every day of every week!!!!
Parents had their house flooded recently. Insurance tried to jip them and approved the tiniest amount. John came in like a superhero and took alllll the stress of negotiating and got a full kitchen remodel approved and some. We are soooo grateful, IIIII am soooooo grateful!!!!!! Thank you JOHN for taking the burden from my parents and also from my husband and I (we would've been the ones to try and navigate through the claim). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

I'm so thankful to Avner Gat Public Adjusters for their help with my insurance claim. Especially Bryan Mann who was professional and caring throughout my whole ordeal of a pipe leak at a rental property in San Clemente, leading to the whole kitchen and part of the garage wall being torned out and necessitating complete kitchen replacement due to extensive water damage from a small pipe leak resulting in a huge catastrophe. This was my first time dealing with the plumbers, restoration company, and my insurance company so I fell into the trap of thinking my insurance company would look out for my interest. Of course, I learned the way everyone else did, putting my trust in my insurance company that they will tell me how to handle my claim. I don't know where I got that idea from because my experience dealing with my insurance company's adjuster was anything but made me feel like they looked out for my best interest. They were hard to get a hold of, short in conversation, unhelpful, not informative unless I knew exactly what to ask and how to ask and often I felt like I was left in the dark. Many times I felt like I was being to tricked into thinking a certain way and to not do certain things because they wanted me to stay naive. Had it not been for Bryan's help, I would not have gotten the result I did and in a relatively reasonable amount of time I believe. Bryan followed up on a regular basis, told me from the beginning what my rights were as an insured, what the insurance company had to do for me, what I'm entitled to. Bryan was looking out for my best interest and that made the difference. All this says a lot about the company. I wholeheartedly would recommend anyone looking for help with their insurance claim to call this company because it will make a difference, I'm sure of it! Good luck to you!

The people you never thought you needed and then when you do are SO glad you found them. Aiden, Bryan and the whole team literally guided us through every step of the process after our home had a leak. They had the best recommendations and were attentive and responsive. Aiden often checked back in with me even just to see how I was doing. Can't tell you how much I appreciated there help! Our leak wasn't a fun situation but they helped us find the best contractor team to put our home back together better than before. Couldn't recommend them enough. 2000 stars!

I will always be grateful to Bryan and Gary of Avner Gat Public Adjusters for their incredible help during a settlement with my home insurance company for a major water damage in our house. I had no doubt that it was going to be a long, stressful, and difficult process to fix the damage, especially with my disabled elderly parents at home. But, I had no idea that the settlement amount that my "reputable and reliable" home insurance company would offer, could only cover a fraction of the expenses. I cannot even express how helpless, lost, and worried I felt at that point.
Thankfully, I was lucky enough to learn about Avner Gat Public Adjusters from a friend. When I called them, I didn't even know what a public adjuster was, but I needed any help I could get. And what an incredible and happy surprise it was when I met Bryan and Gary at my house, and found out about their services in details. They were impressively knowledgeable about the subject matter. It was a total RELIEF! I didn't have to go through this alone.
Bryan and Gary took over my case right away - I didn't even have to talk to my insurance company anymore. They worked hard and fast, and used their qualified team and other resources to make sure we received a fair settlement to fix the damages and restore our house. They also helped us to hire a great qualified restoration company to clean up any contamination, and a qualified company for asbestos test and abatement (which we found out was a requirement for houses built before 1977).
From the very beginning, I found both Gary and Bryan professional, super nice, and very reliable. And I was especially grateful that they diligently took my elderly parents into consideration in every step of the process.
I highly recommend Avner Gat Public Adjusters, and especially Gary and Bryan for your insurance claims. They know the system very well, are great advocates and negotiators, and fight genuinely and fairly on your behalf. They are worth every penny!

I am happy that there is a website like YELP to allow me to praise Avner Gat Public Adjusters. When we had a fire at our house last year, we didn't even know what a public adjuster was! We also had no idea of how to proceed and deal with the insurance company. Fortunately, a friend referred us to Avner Gat. Nadav Gat and Gary Weinzimer went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. They really went to bat for us. In addition, they shared their vast knowledge and took us through all the steps. Their advise was invaluable. Also, they are extremely nice guys who were a pleasure to deal with. A real light in the darkness and confusion of dealing with the insurance company. My husband and I strongly recommend them to anyone in need. You don't have to go through this alone!

We had a water leak in/under the cement slab (It was the hot water pipe from the water heater going to kitchen and bathrooms). We met with Avner and Bryan the same day we understood what we are dealing with.. Bryan and Sigal helped us with this complicated insurance claim, they represented our case to the insurance and made sure that all the damages repair (which was pretty extensive) was covered! It took about 3 months for all approvals and repairs. Thank you so much Bryan, Sigal and Avner for great communication, professionalism and speed! Highly recommended!

We were devastated when our new home had a flood, literally the night we moved in! After just spending thousands of dollars to fix it up, we were totally blind sided by the arduous process of working with our insurance company to get reimbursed for all the damages. Avner Gat was recommended by two different people, and we are so happy we called them! Both Brian and Gary were extremely helpful with the process, and we were able to get our new home put back together without having to spend extra money we simply did not have. Highly recommend using them!

Thank you Brian and Gary for your professionalism, dedication, and for guiding us through every step of the process! We are so happy that we decided to go with Avner Gat and his team to help us with our water damage issue. Without them we would not have even known where to start or what to do.

Exceptional - a word not used every day when referencing customer service. Missy B., our adjuster is just that! She has been professional, caring, organized and an extremely hard working advocate for our family during a most difficult time. It is solely because of her hard work and tenacity that we are able to return to our home in the condition it was prior to our water damage claim. There are people that "do their job" and then there are people like Missy, that go above and beyond because they are passionate about helping others. I truly do not know what we would have done without her and am grateful beyond measure. Do not hesitate in hiring this company! They are honest, hard working and caring. Wish I could shout this review from the rooftops. Thank you Missy!!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you to the team at Avner Gat Inc. for taking care of our water damage claim - I don't know what I would have done if we had not hired you! You all went above and beyond my expectations, making this process as easy for us as possible. You dealt with the insurance company the entire time so that we did not have to. We appreciate everything you did to fight for us and get us the money that was due to us due to the water damage! Bryan and Cindy were amazing! I thank you both so much! I will forever recommend Avner Gat Inc. to anyone that has suffered a property loss!

These guys are friendly, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, and work hard to represent you against the trickery of insurance companies. John Starkey was my public adjuster, handling the process from beginning to end while keeping me informed. Highly recommended!

Unfortunately, we had water damage and needed to place a claim with our insurance company. If you are reading this review, then you are probably in a similar situation. At the very beginning of the claim process, I called a friend who recently went through a claim for his advice and he said to call Avner Gat and speak with Gary Weinzimer immediately. He said initially he worked directly with his insurance company and everything seemed to be just fine. After a few weeks into the claim, he became frustrated because the insurance company was slow to follow up and kept cutting/denying the repair estimates. He reached out for advice from his network and someone referred him to Gary. Gary took over and got everything handled per the insurance policy. He said if he had to do it over again, he would have called Gary on day #1 and let Gary handle the claim. Avner Gat are the professionals and they understand the policy details, not the average home owner.
Long story short ... we hired Gary from Avner Gat to handle our claim. BEST decision. I had NO idea of how complex the claim process can be as well as all of the details in my policy. Gary explained everything and followed up as needed. He is extremely professional, helpful, and respectful. I cannot stress this enough --- if you have a claim, call Gary W. He is honest and will help you through the entire process.
To Gary and the Avner Gat Team: Thank you so much for everything you did to assist with our claim. All of the emails, documents, photos, etc. --- We are really appreciative of your hard work and thank you for your assistance.

I'm not sure which is worse to deal with... the stress of finding your home flooded or the aftermath of dealing with the insurance company
I was a few steps into the stressful process trying to get the pieces of our home put back together and fighting with our home owners insurance to pay for it when a friend recommended Avner Gat.
NIGHT and DAY experience with Avner Gat on my side. I actually didn't ever speak with the insurance company again from the day they started helping me.
Bryan and Aidan represented us with integrity and purpose. I sensed their genuine desire to get us what we needed and deserved from the home owners insurance to restore our home and in some respects our life.
Their support and guidance was a game changer for us. Can't thank them enough - highly recommend them and their fantastic service.

After experiencing significant rain damage in my home I didn't know what would be fair compensation from my insurance company. Nadav Gat was recommended to me and from the first phone call it was obvious he had the experience to guide me through the frustrating process. He answered all my questions in a timely manner and very thoroughly. He advocated for me so I didn't have to interact with the insurance company. His extensive knowledge with insurance claims insured that I received a settlement I was happy with and wouldn't have obtained on my own. I highly recommend this company. They are courteous and results oriented. You won't be disappointed.

I am an extremely happy customer of Avner Gat Public adjusters. Our house had a major flood - we hired Avnet Gat company after recommendations by quite a few people we know. Our case manager Nadav was extremely professional and helpful. In fact, we didn't really have to do much. Nadav met the insurance people and all the relevant professionals. They made the devestating experience into a somewhat pleasent one. The cash they got us from the insurance was way above our expectations and we had plenty of cash to remodel the house back to the highest quality. They say a good accaountant is worth his weight in gold.... I say a good public adjuster is worth his weight in diamonds. It is so nice to see there are still great companies around. Highly recommended !!!

We recently experienced some serious water damage and we had a difficult time getting answers from our insurance . When our insurance finally got back to us they low balled us on our claim . Through a friend, we got in touch with Bryan . Bryan was super helpful and explained the process on how to deal and negotiate with the insurance company . We hired Bryan, and he was able to negotiate a great settlement and got our damages repaired . Thank you Bryan for going above and beyond !

We were beyond thrilled with the attention, care and effectiveness of Bryan, John and the Avner Gat team. We had a flooded kitchen and the amount the insurance company offered us to deal with the damage was way to low. Added to the frustration was that we had a newborn baby and already had our hands full dealing with that. Bryan and John came in, dealt with the insurance company and got us far more compensation then we ever would have gotten on our own. Because of them, we were able to repair our kitchen and flooring in the way it needed to be repaired. On top of being really good at what they do - Bryan and John are also both really good guys who always took the time to explain the process and hold our hands through a very trying time. My family and I couldn't recommend Avner Gat more highly.

I cannot say enough great things about this company. John and Bryan were so helpful throughout the entire process, they walked us through every step of our claim and made sure we taken care of. The repairs were done without delay and we were able to get back to our home faster than we had anticipated. They really took a lot of the stress off of our plate. I would highly recommend using Avner Gat!

We had a huge water damage in one of the buildings we own. The insurance wanted to give us a couple of thousand dollars to settle the case where it actually costs us 10's of thousand of dollars. I found John & Bryan to help me with this case. They made it very easy, explained the process and settled the case in our favor with ease and no surprises. I highly recommend them.

I never knew what a public insurance adjuster was, but after dealing w my insurance company and getting lowballed by them in a settlement I quickly realized the value a good PIA can bring....
I worked w Bryan to reach a settlement far better than anything I could have received by myself. He was incredibly proactive and patient until the final settlement checks were disbursed and deposited.
Midway the process Aidan joined the team and was a second point of contact for me. He helped to ensure all questions/concerns were addressed quickly.
If I'm ever in the position again, my first call will be to Avner before my insurance company.....I trust that Avner is on my side, whereas the insurance co is simply working to minimize their payout to me.

We used Avner Gat, specifically Bryan Mann, to assist us after a water leak caused damage to our home. It was the best decision we made. Our only regret is that we didn't know to call them as soon as we discovered the leak and before we engaged with the insurance company. Bryan is terrific in every way -- responsive, courteous and explained clearly the steps we needed to take to maximize recovery from the insurance company. Can't praise him and his company enough! Note: keep good records and all your receipts if you have damage to your home! It makes recovery so much easier!

These guys are amazing. I worked with NADAV and he's incredibly professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I was dealing with a leak and Nadav quickly answered all my questions, came by immediately and assisted me in the lengthy and arduous process of dealing with the repairs and the insurance.
What's unique about this company is that they're not looking for a quick sale, but are in it to help you. What's amazing is that thankfully the repair was so small that I didn't even have to work with Nadav but he still assisted me in the entire process without charging a dime. That just goes to show you how honest these guys are. I recommend Avner Gat Public Adjusters and especially Nadav for any insurance needs.

There are not enough words to describe our appreciation to NADAV GAT at Avner Gat Public Adjusters. He worked really hard with our insurance company to get us a fair settlement for restoring our home. He took all the stress of dealing with the insurance and mortgage company. We were refereed to Avner Gat by friends and families who suffered a similar type of loss to their home. Everyone was extremely pleased with their services.
Recently, our family suffered a major leak in our home from the second floor of our kids bathroom toilet. The leaked caused enough damage that we needed to remove the flooring and drywall from the kids bathroom, bedroom, & hallway. Also needed to replace the staircase, railings, and all cabinets on the second floor.
Nadav also recommended and awesome restoration company that removed all of these items and dried the entire area, while removing any possible mold and remediation. They covered everything that was exposed, and brought us boxes to hang our clothes and place our personal belongings in. When the restoration was completed, they came back out to take away and trash that was left behind including the boxes.
We were very happy with the final settlement and received enough money to restore our home to its original condition.
We will most DEFINITELY recommend Avner Gat Adjusters to all our friends and family or anyone else who may need to deal with any loss to their property.

I recently experienced a disaster at my house with substantial water damage. I am so happy I met John Starkey, the project manager at a local property damage restoration company. John discovered that the original settlement I had received was insufficient to repair my home to the standard it was before. John got to work right away, communicated with the adjuster, and negotiated a much larger settlement which allowed the repairs to be performed up to the standard of quality that my home is built, if not better. The repairs are all finished now and I couldn't be happier!
I understand that John left his prior company and joined the team at Avner Gat Inc as a Public Adjuster. After my experience working with him, I have no doubt he will do a great job settling any claim. His customer service and communication exceeded all of my expectations and was the best experience I've ever had with home construction. Given that I was coping with the loss of my kitchen and dining room, it was comforting to know I was in good hands and he went above and beyond to make everything right again. Best wishes to John! Becca

I honestly cannot say enough great things about these guys and how invaluable their services are. We had a flood in one of our bathrooms and I initially tried to handle the insurance claim myself. With a crazy work schedule and the back and forth that was required, I was going insane. A good friend strongly recommended Avner Gat and I am so happy I listened to her! My initial contact was with Bryan who is amazing and was able to calm all of my neuroses and very clearly explained the process to me. He knows his stuff and right away, you know you are in good hands. My main contact throughout the process was with Missy and she too was incredible to work with. I'm somewhat hard to reach and my schedule is a bit ridiculous but Missy was very accommodating while still giving me the nudges I needed to move the process forward. Her communication is excellent, as was Bryan's. Their results also speak for themselves since they were able to get me very fairly compensated for the damage and everything was taken care of. I've been recommending them to all of my friends and family whenever someone has needed to file a claim. One of the best decisions I ever made! Thanks guys!

My house burnt down after something blow up in my neighbor's house. I called Avner after I got a recommendation from a friend and I am so happy that I did. I worked with Bryan, he always made me feel that I am the only case he has. They worked really hard and used other resources when necessary to make sure I get what I deserve from the insurance. Having to go through this is not fun, but if it already happens make sure you get what you deserve and have Avner help you with that.

I highly recommend Nadav Gat for this job. I had a flood from my kitchen sink and both my kids didn't have time to help me. He came and took over the claim. Handled it from A-Z. He got me enough money I got a new kitchen and new floors!! Worth every penny

We started seeing bubbles under our shower head. After having the plumber fix it, it turned out that it was leaking for a while and that there was some mold already. We were very confused and needed some advice. We found Avner Gat online and reached out for his free consultations. He quickly got on the phone with us and broke down the whole situation and even gave us his professional advice. We decided to proceed without insurance and to fix it with our own money. Thank you Avner Gat for the great insight and clarification it saved us much aggravation and confusion. We highly recommend this firm.

5 Stars !! I would like to thank Avner Gat, Inc. for their amazing job with our claim. We woke up to our first floor flooded from a pipe break in the bathroom. While quickly realizing what an inconvenience this whole situation was, Nadav Gat immediately stepped in and took over. We were kept updated constantly on correspondences and he always took our calls at any time. Nadav was able to recover for us enough to repair all that was damaged and fought for the last dollar. Looking back at this I could never imagine doing it alone there were many times Nadav had to explain to us the insurance language and define the terms they used in the letters. Very knowledgeable and experienced couldn't have done it without them. I highly recommend them! Michelle Azulay

When finding an adjuster that works for you on an insurance claim make sure you use professionals like Avner Gat! The estimates are accurate and very complete. Super happy to have come across his company and services! If you have a claim using them is a must to stay ahead if the insurance companies!!!

Nadav Gat and Bryan Mann are pros and I am very grateful for their services. I had been fortunate not to have any property claims over the past 17 years. Then I had a small fire and was completely lost for what to do. A friend of mine referred me to these Public Adjusters and I cannot thank him enough. I would not have been able to properly navigate the insurance claim process nor the many steps that were needed in order to complete the claim. They knew exactly what to do, and I was able to focus on my job and family instead of trying to figure all of this out myself. Thank you guys!

I am a Contractor in the Fire and Water Damage Repair Industry. I ran into Brian from Avner Gat on a Job Site. I was impressed about how professional and courteous he was. He had a complete grasp of the issues at hand and was on the path of settling the claim in the best interest of the home owner. I was so impressed that, since then, I have referred him to many customers who need help in settling their claim with the insurance company.

This is the second time we used Avner Gat and his team. These guys know their job. It looks like the insurance adjuster is more receptive to them than to us as the homeowner. I guess they speak the same language. The most important benefit of having a public adjusters is that they take away the stress of the daily dealing with the insurance people. This team knows how to do that professionally. They kept us informed and involved in final negotiations. It was a pleasure working with them.

I had to deal with my current home insurance for the last two month without positive result,it was nightmare for me and my wife. Our home insurance assigned adjuster evaluate the claim and assess the damages,the adjuster gave us hard time try minimized the actual damages. We decided not to go with the adjuster and to searc and seek other private professional and hire independent adjuster. We found Company named Avner Gat Public Adjuster we called and talked with Avner Gat for 15 minutes which we realized what we are missing. We decided to give Avner gat our agreement to move forward and initiate the claim. During the process Avner kept us informed about any detail involved in professional manner.. We got the entire remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom damages covered without any hassle or rebuttal from our home insurance which they pay in full for all the repairs needed. It was easy and pleasure and we are highly recommended Avner Gat Public Adjuster company for all the claims. Thanks for job well done.

My parents just finished having a claim in thier home. My parents came home from dinner one night to their whole kitchen full of water. Dealing with Farmers was a complete nightmare. The extremely inconvenient times that they scheduled meetings at our home had us missing many days of work. Half of the time we couldn't even read the reports they produced because of all the complicate verbiage they use. We found this company (Avnergat, inc.) on yelp right here where I'm writing the review. Nadav was the representative that came to meet us. He came in and took all the stress of my shoulders and was able to secure my parents all the money they needed to get their home back to how it was. It was a lengthy process but he told us everything upfront. Exactly what to expect and how the claim would go and it went exactly how he explained. He held their hand throughout and we are really blessed to have found them. Wouldn't recommend anyone to do this alone.

I've been working in construction for over 15 years, and any time one of my clients has a water damage issue, Bryan & Avner are the first people I call. There is no one else I would trust with this job. They are extremely professional in every way when it comes to negotiating with the insurance company, and fights tirelessly on behalf of my clients. When I refer my clients to Bryan and Avner, I never have to worry about a thing. They are the most experienced and dedicated public adjusters I've ever encountered.

I have known Avner Gat and his amazing team for several years now. Avner was referred to me by a relative of mine when I had a water leak in my kitchen that ended up affecting my ENTIRE house. I am SO glad that I chose Avner to represent me as I did not have the time (or the insurance knowledge) to deal with all the headaches that come with the process. I literally did not lift a finger or have to deal with anyone from the insurance company from start to finish. I am confident I would not have had the successful outcome if it weren't for Avner and his team. I am a firm believer in hiring experts in fields that I am unfamiliar with, for the simple fact that they are the experts. It is also important to mention that Avner has become a dear friend and someone I trust wholeheartedly. I am an avid 'yelper' and I would not post a review if I didn't back it 100% (good or bad). I hope you never have to experience a natural disaster in your home but if you do, I highly recommend you call Avner and his incredible team to assist you.

We had a flood in our house. Dealing with the insurance company was just a nightmare. Meeting them at our home every time required taking days off work. We were recommended Avner Gat. Him and his team came in and took over completely. The only thing left for us to do was to meet them for the checks that came in and for the constant great news from Ric Hill who was our representative in the claim. They got us everything we were owed. Ric was more than knowledgeable in what was owed to us. They seemed to get along great with the insurance adjuster which helped make things smooth. I recommend them to all my neighbors, the service and peace of mind they provide is priceless.

Earlier this year we saw cracks in our walls. When we mentioned it to our neighbors they recommended we contact Avner Gat since recently helped them as well. We contact Avner to inspect the property which he did promptly and at no charge. He noticed our floors were all buckled up and recommended we opened a claim. Once we opened the claim Avner stepped in with his team. He brought all the experts to properly evaluate and present our claim. The insurance adjuster knew him very well which streamlined the process. It was quite the journey but we could not have done it without Avner. He kept us updated regularly and always answered our calls. We highly recommend anyone going through any Insurance claim process contact these professionals. Avner and his team are worth every penny.

The last windstorm flew my apartment buildings roof. The rain that came after ran through the three floors. It was a disaster. All the roofers in town were busy and my tenants started to raise hell. A friend told me about Avner Gat and from the moment that I called him, I felt that the pressure was relieved. Avner knew exactly what needed to be done to protect my property and how to feed the insurance with the required information so we can be properly compensated. The insurance company ended up paying for the repairs and for my loss of income. I love working with Avner and feel that his charges are fair and worthy. I highly recommend Avnergat, Inc.and his professional staff . Thanks Avner for performing an outstanding representation !!! you are the best !
Sara .
Vanowen Properties

We hired Bryan Mann as our Insurance adjuster on Feb 2017 after we had a slab leak in our kitchen that caused a severe damage to our house and especially our Kitchen . After a few attempts to work with our insurance company, a close friend told us about Bryan and suggested I contact him. This was the best decision ever!
Bryan was always available, extremely professional and helpful. During the flowing 5 months , we were able to get our insurance to pay for 5 months temp apartment, we replaced the entire kitchen cabinets, painted the entire house and got new flooring.
A private insurance is a must, and Bryan was able to obtain the insurance to cover our damages. Bryan is a highly professional and kind person and I would recommend to consider him as your private adjuster.

It was a devastating sight to come home too. Walking into my kitchen with inches of water covering the floor. I am a retired teacher, I've never experienced such an event in my life. I was so confused I didn't know what to do. As I was calling my family to seek help they recommended me to speak with Avner Gat who had handled their claims in the past. A blessing from the sky. A Public Insurance Adjuster who I had no clue even existed. Avner came to my house, consulted me (for free) on exactly what will be happening during an insurance claim. He did not even bring a contract and was nice enough to tell me to call him back if I was interested in his services. I knew I couldn't do this alone. That same week Richard Hill from Avner Gat's company arrived. Richard's professionalism throughout the claim was unheard of. He was transparent, highly educated, professional and very supporting throughout the claim. He kept me constantly updated on every phone call and would send me copies of any other written communication. He succeeded to relieve me of my biggest fear and that was of not getting enough money to do the repairs. After Richard finished with the claim I was left with enough money to redo my kitchen and go back to my normal life. I would not recommend anyone to go into this nightmare alone. I was worth every penny to let Avner Gat's company take the claim over and to be relieved of this ordeal.

The way you always want to help your customers it is unbelievable! Thank you:) no wonder you have so many good friends !!!! They all become one after they've work with you. The honesty it's at your 1# priority & now I can show & Share with everybody about my experience with you & your company.
First of all, great team, Brian Mann is amazing always on top of your claim and always on top of everything that's going on with insurance and all the news that you supposed to get, at all time amazing thank you.
Avner, thank you as well for always being there for everything had a problem with, facing the hard time with the Insurance company, that tried to denied my claim. You help a lot.
Good luck to you & keep help everyone at there hard time, especially when the house is flooded!!!

My insurance adjuster , Bryan , is the best representative , if you need someone to communicate with your insurance company. It can be a trying time for you and your family when communicating damages to your insurance company. Bryan will go far beyond out of his way to ensure that you are getting accurate report of damages for the insurance company . I had water damages from the horrible rain in 2017 and he made my experience a pleasant journey. You deserve to get the best representative especially under stressful situations of paperwork and ensuring that your property is properly evaluated! Just ask for Bryan and you will definitely be pleased!!

We recently had serious damage in our home and I knew that I didn't want to go in to the negotiations with my insurance company alone. A friend recommended Avner and his team so I gave them a call. They were at my house within hours, incredibly prepared, knowledgeable, and as soon as I gave them the okay, they jumped right in. It took a few months and my insurance company tried everything to claim they didn't have to cover the damage, but in the end we got every penny we were owed. I really advise anyone in a similar situation to hire a public adjuster, and if you live in LA, then Avner and his team are simply the best.

Excellent team. They helped me with a water damage claim in my house..very courteous people, know exactly what they're doing...I definitely recommend them to anybody needing this service. My wife is really happy:)

Avner Gat insurance was the most easy and helpful insurance company I have dealt with to date. Bryan guided me through ever step I needed and made a stressful situation easy and stress free. I'm glad I found them. I would recommend them highly, Bryan knows his stuff and informed me about all the things I didn't know, Bryan definitely is highly educated in the work he does.

I travel extensively for business, and when my wife called me about water damage to our basement, I could just see weeks of lost time piling up. We both work over 40+ a week in high stress positions, and neither of us had the time or patience to deal with the insurance company when they balked at our damage claim. A friend of mine recommended a public insurance adjuster, and I selected Avner Gat and his team. I can't begin to tell you how valuable they've been. They're trustworthy, professional, and they were always on time. They went over our insurance benefits and gave us expert advice on what we needed to do going forward, which I believe allowed us to receive our payout from the insurance company. They kept their promises and massively reduced our headache from this whole experience. If you need a public insurance adjuster in Los Angeles, I highly recommend Avner Gat.

Bryan and Missy from Avner Gat have been absolutely amazing. Awesome customer service, very informative, communicative through process. They are detail oriented and advocate for the customer. I wish I would have known about them BEFORE I contacted my insurance carrier. The percentage you pay the public adjustor is dependent on when you contact them during the process. However, all in all, would highly recommend Avner Gat. I would absolutely contact them in the future if a situation arises.

I was all alone trying to deal with my insurance company. They would not respond to my claim. I had called for nearly 2 weeks to have an adjuster come look at the water damage in my kitchen. I got frustrated and my good friend told me to call Avner Gat. I didn't know what a public adjuster was, but I learned quickly. Nadav and Avner immediately took over all of the hassle of speaking with the insurance company and getting me bids on all of the work that needed to be done. They know construction inside out, so they knew exactly what each vendor should be doing and how much it should cost. I could easily have been fooled by low bids, etc., and frankly, I really didn't have the time to devote to checking if something was fair or accurate. I went from being afraid, frustrated, and angry to sleeping like a baby. They took care of everything. They had my back. I would have been happy with 20% of what they got me. I couldn't believe the small details and larger improvements my insurance covered because they asked for it. I had not planned to re-do my kitchen. It was a result of my flood, but I now have the most incredible kitchen. They turned a nightmare into dream!

We had never heard of a public insurance adjustor until a friend said we MUST hire one when our insurance was holding out on us and hugely undervaluing the remediation and repair costs we faced. Avner was referred to us, and he and Bryan Mann made at least 3 visits to the damaged site, spoke extensively with us about our options, were amazingly accessible. Ultimately they said they were not our best option, as they must work within contractual parameters and felt rather that we had to hire an attorney, and file suit against the insurance company. After all the time and consultation they provided, THEY DID NOT CHARGE US A PENNY - absolutely unheard of! PS: The saga has not yet concluded, but they recommended a seemingly fantastic, focused, smart, communicative attorney (whose review you'll likely find on Yelp before long). THANK you, Avner and Bryan!

This Public Insurance Adjusters of Avner Gat helped us with our kitchen Water Damage
They made sure that the restoration Company communicated well with the Insurance Company to supply all needed paperwork.
The Insurance Adjuster of OUR insurance company wasn't very cooperative with the General Contractor and did not agree at first with Restoration Estimate but Avner Gat made sure that it all went well and smooth which ended with a great Customer Service and made us very happy in the process. We didn't have to do much besides asking some questions that always got a quick response with almost always immediate answers.
Thank you guys, keep the good work.

My beautiful home suffered a major water damage late 2016. A friend recommended that we consult a public insurance adjustor before dealing with our insurance company and boy I'm glad we did.
Avner and Meirav Golan showed up within an hour!! They were able to calmly explain the process We were about to go through and answered any questions we had. Bryan Mann was assigned to our case and walked us through this horrible time, beginning with the restoration company, restoration estimates required by the insurance company, assistance with temporary housing , and finally negotiating with the general contractor and the insurance company to get us a suitable compensation and repair budget. Avner, Meirav, and Bryan provided excellent, and very personable customer service. They took our calls in odd times, and felt with our frustration.
We are very grateful for the Avner Gat, INC team's support and help. Highly recommended!!