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Insurance Agents & Brokers Referrals

As an insurance broker, you provide expert guidance to help your clients select their policy. As public adjusters, we bring our expertise to help your clients get a fair settlement when crisis strikes!

After they’ve suffered property damage, policyholders will be quick to call their trusted insurance professional. Providing a professional referral is the best thing you can do to help them negotiate a fair settlement. The insurance claims process is hard to navigate for the average layperson and insurance companies will always protect their bottom line. By referring your clients to us, you’re doing your part to help them get every dollar that they’re owed.


Our business is simple. We know the ins and outs of insurance policies and how to provide insurance companies with the information that they need to get our clients what they are owed. Our team exclusively represents policyholders and we will manage the negotiations to reach a fair settlement for your client.


We begin by evaluating the client’s insurance policy. In the early stages of the claims process, our priority is ensuring that we comply with any time-specific reporting requirements outlined by the insurance provider.  Next, we’ll work with the client to determine their most pressing concerns. In the case of commercial losses, often the biggest concern will be the lost income and business interruption.

We’ve managed hundreds of claims throughout Southern California, and we’ll leverage that expertise in order to prepare a comprehensive, documented recovery estimate. Additionally, we’ll take on the responsibility of coordinating inspections and meetings with the representatives of the insurance company. (Between corporate adjusters, forensic accountants, and restoration professionals – this can be a very time-consuming task)

Finally, we’ll present the insurance company with a detailed, well-documented repair estimate. We believe that policyholders deserve the maximum settlement that they are entitled to under their policy, and we will fiercely advocate for each client to ensure that they receive a fast and fair payout.