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Avner Gat

Hello! I’m glad you’ve found us. My name is Avner Gat, and I’ve worked as a public adjuster for over 15 years. I spend my days managing the preparation, presentation, negotiation, and adjustment of property damage claims.

I make it my priority to help my clients obtain the maximum possible settlement while protecting them from the games and fine print that insurance companies are known for.

When clients experience property damage, they turn to advisors they trust to help them get back on their feet. As part of their team, we feel we have have the responsibility to guide them to other professionals with different areas of expertise.

When you refer your clients to me or a member of my team, you can feel confident that they will be working with knowledgeable, ethical, and hardworking team of public adjusters.

Why Refer to Avner Gat Inc.?

– Because we have decades of experience as public adjusters

– Because we have dedicated support, industry connections, and resources

– Because we will increase credibility and further improve your relationship with your clients


After major property damage, your clients turn to you for guidance. You manage their financial records and investment opportunities, so you know exactly how important it is to resolve claims quickly. Our team has successfully prepared and managed hundreds of claims, and we’ll guide your clients to the maximum possible settlement.


Insurance claims are highly technical, and they may involve specific legal protections. When clients come to you for help with their claim, you can help them protect their interests by referring them to a trusted public adjuster. Our resources and experience will help support your case.

Financial Advisors

You’re focused on the long-term financial well-being of your clients, so it can be difficult when you’re faced with short-term problems like an insurance claim. We’ll help reduce your client's risk and represent them, ensuring they get the settlement they’ll need to protect their future.

Insurance Agents & Brokers

As an insurance broker, you helped your client find the perfect policy. After a loss, it’s time for you to help them use it! The dedicated team of public adjusters at Avner Gat Inc. is uniquely equipped to represent the interests of your clients and ensure that their claims will be settled quickly and painlessly.

Property Manager

After a major disaster, clients may turn to you for help handling the insurance claims. You manage the day to day operations of the building, and you have first-hand knowledge of the damage, but insurance claims are complex. Let our public adjusters manage the claims process so you can monitor customer retention and property restoration efforts.

Risk Managers

You’ve worked hard to help your clients appropriately assess their risks and acquire the right types of coverage. When it comes to insurance claims, trust the experts to prepare a detailed, well-documented claim. To limit confounding variables, we manage the whole claims process - regardless of the severity of the property damage.