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Financial Advisors Referrals

When faced with property damage, many policyholders will be quick to call their financial advisor. You’ve worked with them before, and you have a clear picture of the importance of a satisfactory insurance payout. Both commercial and residential insurance claims are notoriously difficult to manage, and insurance companies will do anything to protect their bottom line.

In this situation, it can feel like the odds are stacked against your client. The truth is, offering a professional referral may be the best thing you can do to help them obtain a robust, and fair settlement. By referring your clients to us, you’re doing your part to help them get every dollar that they’re owed under their policy. We’ll handle the process, from the initial documentation to the final payout.


Our business is simple. We know the ins and outs of insurance policies and how to provide insurance companies with the information that they need to get our clients what they are owed. Our team exclusively represents policyholders and we will manage the negotiations to reach a fair settlement for your client.


When you refer your client to us, we will immediately build a strategy for how best to handle the claim. If the claim has not yet been filed, we’ll begin by evaluating the insurance policy to determine whether it contains specific reporting requirements.  We ensure that all clients uphold their obligations to report damages in a timely manner so that claims are not denied due to a technicality.

If the claims process has already begun, we set to work creating a detailed, itemized claim package. We work to understand the extent of the loss and quantify it in terms the insurance company understands. Furthermore, we coordinate with local restoration companies to develop an accurate estimate of repair costs. If we’re dealing with a commercial loss, the claims package will also include compensation for lost revenue and business interruption.

Finally, we’ll work with the client to present the claim and negotiate the final settlement amount. If necessary, we’ll work with you to incorporate any revised financial projections. Throughout the process, we manage all inspections and consultations related to the claim – minimizing the disruption to our client’s life whenever possible.