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The Fire Insurance Claim Process Explained

Looking for tips on the fire insurance claim process to maximize your settlement? Take a deep breath, you’ve come to the right place. Your first step should be to examine your insurance policy. Some policies have notification requirements which mean you have to contact your provider within a certain span of time following the fire event. Failure to comply with those restrictions can become a reason to deny your claim later in the process, so it’s important to understand your responsibilities. When you understand the exact limits of your coverage you can make more informed decisions as you navigate the fire insurance claim process.


After you have clarified your reporting obligations, it’s time to prepare for your claim. Although you can consult with a public adjuster at any stage during the fire insurance claim process, we suggest calling a public adjuster before contacting your insurance company. Many homeowners can sabotage their claim by providing too much or unclear information.

Once you’ve spoken with a public adjuster and reviewed your policy, reach out to your insurance company. They may require you to submit specific documentation as well as a statement regarding the damage. We advise you to keep track of all expenses. Some expenses you may incur after a fire include boarding up the structure and the cost of a hotel or temporary relocation if your home or business is unsafe.

Your insurance provider will assign your claim to a representative and send an adjuster to evaluate your loss. If you’ve retained a public adjuster, they will be able to deal with the insurance company’s adjuster directly.

Lastly, your provider will send you a letter detailing your policy limits, deductible and a plan for obtaining repair estimates. If you agree to their terms, repairs and estimates can begin immediately. Payment methods vary in correspondence to the size of your claim. While you may receive a check in some cases, if large scale repairs are needed, your provider may provide advances directly to the restoration company throughout the restoration process.

If you have any questions about the fire insurance claims process, give us a call! At Avner Gat, Inc. We are always willing to talk to you about your situation at absolutely no cost to you.