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Why You Should Always Get a Second Opinion

Second opinions are common in most high-stake situations. If your doctor told you that you needed surgery, wouldn’t you seek out a second opinion? For some reason, when it comes to homeowner’s insurance, homeowners feel beholden to their insurance companies. As soon as you’ve filed a claim with your insurance company, they will send an adjuster to evaluate the damage. And guess what? You can bring your own adjuster to the scene to get a second opinion on your claim.

Getting a Second Opinion on Your Claim

The insurance company isn’t your enemy, but they are running a business, and they will always be looking out for their own interests. Whether you believe the amount you’ve been quoted is fair, or even too high or too low, you should always get a second opinion. Bringing more experts to the scene will illuminate new information and arm you with the information that you need to get what is fair. Experts could include general contractors, public adjusters, and other specialized construction professionals.

Make sure to write down the names and contact information for every professional that enters your home. Read reviews about them online and see if they really are the best people to evaluate the damage. Information is power and getting a second opinion helps ensure that the insurance company doesn’t make mistakes that could cost you dearly.

In some cases, the opinion of your hired expert will affirm the insurance company’s decision. If this happens, it could be a good idea for you to accept their settlement offer. However, if your expert believes the settlement offer should be higher, their independent appraisal will bolster your case. You’ll want to contact your insurance company immediately and inform them of the second appraisal. The company will typically agree to reevaluate your case at this juncture.

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