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Top Safety Precautions You Should Take When Faced with Water Damage

When your home suffers water damage, a lot of things run through your mind. You might wonder whether you will be able to restore your personal belongings or if you’ll need to replace your furniture. But most of all, you will want to know if your insurance will cover the losses. The next big question is often: “Do I have water damage or flood damage?”. Filing a claim is always stressful. A basic understanding of your policy coverages might help you decide whether or not to file a claim.

How Does Your Insurance Company Classify Water and Flood Damage?

Although it’s surprising to many homeowners, most insurance companies treat and classify water and flood damage claims differently. Your insurance agent can help you understand the differences in classification and ensure that you file the correct type of claim. Working with a public adjuster can help ease an already stressful situation and expedite the overall claims process.

How Did the Water Enter Your Home?

There are many ways in which water can enter your home. Consequently, water damage is one of the common types of claims filed by homeowners. It occurs when water from inside the house causes damage to your home or when water enters as a direct result of a structural failure, such as a poorly sealed window, a broken pipe, or a roof leak. Water damage is often unexpected. A drain clogs and floods the bathroom or a water heater leaks. Once a leak detector discovered the source, water damage should be immediately addressed.

Homeowner’s Policies Often Don’t Include Flood Insurance

By contrast, in California, flood damages are usually not part of a homeowner’s insurance policy. However, specific flood insurance companies can provide flood insurance. Flood damage is a result of a rising and/or overflowing of a body of water that will entering normally dry land or structure.

Confused by the differences between water and flood damage or by your rights and responsibilities as a policyholder? Reach out to your agent today! At Avner Gat, Inc., we represent your interests in talks with the insurance company. Give us a call to learn more about how we can assist you with your claim!

Are you currently experience water damage in your home? Stop wasting time trying to differentiate between water damage or flood damage! Call the professionals at Avner Gat, and don’t forget to check out our article 5 Things You Should Do Immediately when Faced with Water Damage!

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