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What is the California Department of Insurance

Have you heard of the California Department of Insurance? Many homeowners and California residents don’t fully understand the purpose and function of the California Department of Insurance. The organization, often referred to as “CDI” was first established in 1868.  It acts as the primary regulatory body for insurance companies in California. With the insurance market constantly changing and new laws rolling into effect, the CDI focuses on consumer protection above all. As a matter of fact, the CDI is the largest consumer protection agency in California.

What does the CDI do?

The soaring population in California has made it one of the most profitable insurance market in the United States. The goal of the CDI is to oversee over 1,300 insurance companies and provide the licensure and accreditation to over 400,000 insurance brokers, agents, and claim adjusters — including the team at Avner Gat inc.! The department works to guarantee that the individuals working in the insurance market are qualified to provide the services they offer. The CDI also acts as a system of accountability, investigating over 30,000 consumer complaints per the calendar year and processing reports of suspected fraud against licensed businesses.

So what does that mean?

In summary, the entire California insurance market relies on the CDI to provide oversight. Consumers utilize the CDI to make sure that they receive fair and timely benefits under their policies. Adjusters, agents, and brokers rely on the CDI for training, licensure and other forms of accreditation. Insurance providers also turn to the CDI if policyholders exploit their coverage.

To learn more about the California Department of Insurance, visit their official website! Don’t hesitate to contact the CDI if you feel that your rights as a policyholder were violated! If you need help with an undervalued or denied insurance claim, contact Avner Gat Inc. today! As dedicated public adjusters, we’re committed to getting you every dollar you’re owed.

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