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#1 Public Adjusters in Santa Clarita

When there is a dispute with your insurance claim, you call a public adjuster. When you need the best public adjuster in Santa Clarita, you call Avner Gat! We have extensive experience in handling residential and commercial claims and our team of experts can help you win the claim. Why not reach out to the best?

Before you can receive compensation for your losses and damages, you must file an insurance claim and submit to appropriate inspections. Your insurance provider has their own public adjuster assess the damage to your property and also determine how much repairs or renovations should cost. Since this adjuster is the insurance company representative, they will represent the interests of those who pay them and not yours. That is why you need Avner Gat Inc. to represent your interests. As public adjusters, we are your employees and we strive for maximum representation of your interests.

Looking for public adjusters in Santa Clarita?

If you are looking for a public adjuster in Santa Clarita, contact Avner Gat Inc. today!

Most people have no experience negotiating with their insurance company and when you file an insurance claim, you may find yourself facing a large corporation that has a valid interest in not paying you. Our experience shows that insurance companies mislead you with deliberate questions and give your answers interpretations that fit their agenda when they are clearly aware of your original intent. This practice allows them to reduce your benefits or reject your claim altogether.

Any mistake you make at the beginning of the road can result in a huge loss of money down the road, and although your insurance company is required to inform you of all the coverages in your policy, chances are they will not. The result is that you will not always be aware of your rights according to your policy. A professional public adjuster can review your policy and all its details and inform you of your rights and benefits under your policy. No need to give up! An insurance claim dispute can end in your favor!

Santa Clarita is the third largest city in Los Angeles county, and it is located along the Santa Clara River. In addition to its riverfront location, the city is also near the San Fernando fault zone. This means that it is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes and related hazards. In fact, the city of Santa Clarita was intensely affected by the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, as well as the famous Northridge earthquake of 1994. During these disasters, dozens of commercial and residential buildings were destroyed.

Unfortunately, earthquakes are not the only significant hazard for Santa Clarita residents. Southern California is known for its hot, dry Mediterranean climate. This heat often causes wildfires in the area, which feed off brush and chaparral in the hills. If you’re dealing with property damage following a natural disaster, call a public adjuster in Santa Clarita!

What Can We Do For You?

At Avner Gat, Inc., we are qualified to tackle all claims! Furthermore, we can clarify all details of your insurance policy. Whether you’re suffering from firewater damage, earthquake, or theft, you could benefit from our dedicated team of adjusters.

Do not settle for less! A public adjuster can help you resolve a disputed insurance claim and even offer a second opinion if your claim was rejected. We have been doing this for decades because we believe that you deserve the maximum benefits owed by your insurance policy!

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