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#1 Public Adjuster in Moorpark

When you need help settling a dispute with your insurance company, you call a public adjuster. When you need the best public adjuster in Moorpark, you call Avner Gat Inc! We have extensive experience in handling residential and commercial claims. So why settle for less? Call now for help with your insurance claim!

When you file an insurance claim, your insurance company will send out their own adjuster to evaluate the damage to your property. This adjuster works for the insurance company, and at the end of the day, they are interested in protecting the financial interests of their employer. As public adjusters, we’re able to advocate on YOUR behalf. We’ll perform an independent assessment to ensure that the insurance company hasn’t missed anything that benefits you, helping you receive the maximum amount guaranteed by your policy!

Looking for public adjusters in Moorpark?

If you need a public adjuster in Moorpark, let us be there for you!

Usually people do not encounter many cases where they have to file an insurance claim. In the unfortunate event that they suffer firewater damage, earthquake or theft, and need to file an insurance claim, they suddenly encounter barriers that result mainly from inexperience. This lack of experience and lack of understanding often causes people to make crucial mistakes in the early stages of negotiations with the insurance company. Consequently, they lose a lot of money and benefits they ought to receive under the policy they paid for.

The insurance companies are required to inform you about the coverage you are entitled to due to the damage you have suffered. In practice, they don’t. Already in the first phone call, they ask you misleading questions and interpret your answers to suit them and avoid paying you what you deserve. They can even reject your claim completely. Our public adjusters’ job is to prevent such a situation and help you understand the ins and outs of your policy. 

Today there is another way! You don’t have to lose a dispute with the insurance company!

As a company operating in Moorpark for a long time, we know that insurance companies strive to pay you less and sometimes refrain from any payment. As a customer, you have to negotiate with a huge, savvy corporation that benefits from depriving you of your rights. That’s why you need us to fight for you and uphold your rights.

Nestled in a canyon that was carved by the Arroyo Simi River, Moorpark, California is a city born from post office approval. Habitat to the Chumash hunters and gatherers, Moorpark maintained some of its farm-like characters. Residents of Moorpark can enjoy vast gulf courses, family farm and teaching zoo, to name a few. Aftermaths of wildfires in the area of Moorpark have put state and federal teams on high alert due to flood hazards caused by destabilized hillsides. The Thomas Fire has compromised the foundation of the affected area, which elevated the risk of flash flooding and debris flow during rain periods. In its past, Moorpark had periods of freezing weather, hailstorm, and floods. The city is also susceptible to wildfire and thunderstorm winds.

What Can We Do For You?

No insurance claim is too small or too large for us to handle. We have the means, the will, and the skills to deal with any insurance claim that includes firewater damage earthquake or theft. We are capable of standing up to insurance companies on your behalf. Furthermore, our professional adjusters will clarify everything that your policy covers and will clear the ambiguity.

Whenever a dispute arises regarding your claim, and you realize that the insurance company is not going to pay you, you can contact a public adjuster to represent you and resolve the dispute for you. The public adjuster can also give you a second opinion if the insurance company decides to reject your claim altogether. We have the experience, and the team needed to reinforce our belief that you deserve to get the maximum you should get under your policy!

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