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#1 Public Adjusters in Garden Grove, CA

Avner Gat, Inc. leads as the top choice for managing homeowner’s insurance claims in Garden Grove, CA, establishing itself as the unparalleled and distinctive number one team of public adjusters in the region. With our highly proficient and extensively experienced team, we specialize in handling claims for both residential and commercial properties. Rest assured in our capacity to offer an unmatched level of expertise, ensuring the success of your claim!

But what exactly is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional dedicated to negotiating insurance claims. At Avner Gat, Inc., we provide exceptional assistance in this process. Unlike adjusters employed directly by insurance companies, whose priority is their employer’s financial interests, our dedicated team of public adjusters is committed to advocating for YOUR best interests. We thoroughly evaluate the damage, leaving no detail unexamined, aiming to maximize the benefits you rightfully deserve according to your insurance policy. Let us guide you in securing the highest possible payout for your claim.

Insurance Adjuster vs Public Adjuster

What Can We Do For You?

At Avner Gat, Inc., we are fully dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our clients, fighting so they obtain the full and rightful compensation detailed in their insurance policies. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our steadfast dedication to this objective. Unlike other firms, we eliminate the need for a retainer, and our fees are solely based on a percentage of the settlement we help you secure. Our team of experienced public adjusters in Garden Grove is fully devoted to tirelessly working towards achieving the highest possible payout for you in an efficient and prompt manner.

If you’ve experienced property loss, please feel free to contact us for a consultation. With over 17 years of experience in helping policyholders obtain the compensation they rightly deserve, we are fully dedicated to assisting our clients in optimizing their insurance payouts.

Let us guide you through the process of securing the compensation rightfully owed to you by scheduling an initial consultation with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Navigating claims is tricky, but not with Avner Gat, Inc. For 17 years, our licensed adjusters have used expertise to interpret policies, identify damages, and negotiate fair settlements. By hiring us, you get an advocate who reduces stress and saves time while securing suitable compensation.

Our skilled team offers expertise, time-savings, representation, and stress relief. Our adjusters interpret policies and ensure accurate evaluations. We save you time by navigating procedures. Our negotiators secure comprehensive settlements. We protect your rights as unbiased representatives. We reduce stress by overseeing the process.

Avner Gat, Inc. will use all expertise to fight for the settlement your policy entitles you to. We’re committed to fully exploring options and passionately negotiating on your behalf.

Call us today to discuss your claim.

For 17 years, Avner Gat, Inc.’s public adjusters have offered services to optimize the claims process. We begin with meticulous property damage assessments and precise repair estimates with the help of a reputable contractor. Then we thoroughly review your policy to aid with coverage and limitations. Taking on the burden of submitting all paperwork, we collaborate with insurers to build your case. Our skilled negotiators ensure you get a fair, comprehensive settlement. In appraisals, we provide expert support to resolve disputes over claim value.

We also handle paperwork intricacies, aiming to deliver a smooth, stress-free process.

When seeking a public adjuster in Garden Grove, it’s essential to adhere to these guidelines to ensure you connect with a reputable professional capable of meeting your specific requirements:


Start your search by getting referrals from your network who have successfully worked with public adjusters before. Their insights can serve as a valuable guide in finding a dependable, proven professional.

Online searches

Use online search engines and review platforms to discover local public adjusters, along with client feedback and ratings to inform your decision.

Check licensing

Confirm that any public adjuster you consider holds a valid license in your state by verifying their status with your regulator.

Schedule a consultation

Arrange meetings with potential public adjusters to discuss your situation, evaluate their qualifications and experience, and determine your comfort level.

Check references

Request references from public adjusters, especially past clients, so you can confirm their legitimacy through your state insurance department.

If you’re seeking dependable public adjusting services in Garden Grove, we strongly recommend reaching out to Avner Gat, Inc. Our team of experienced public adjusters is well-equipped to assist you in maximizing your settlement and achieving the most favorable outcome for your insurance claim.

To ensure a well-informed choice regarding the optimal time to involve a public adjuster, consider these guiding principles:

Immediately after the loss

Contacting a public adjuster promptly following property damage or loss is key. Their early involvement can maximize your chances of getting a comprehensive, unbiased insurance settlement.

Before filing a claim

Getting guidance from a public adjuster prior to initiating your claim can be beneficial. They provide clarity on your policy and point you toward the best approach for filing.

If you feel that your claim has been underpaid

If you believe your settlement offer is inadequate, a public adjuster can help examine the reasons and negotiate a fairer payout amount from your insurer.

If you are feeling overwhelmed

Coping with property damage is overwhelming. A public adjuster can ease this burden by handling paperwork, negotiating, and providing comfort during the process.

At Avner Gat, Inc. in Garden Grove, our team of adept public adjusters is poised to guide you through the claims journey. Drawing on their expertise and knowledge, you can trust us to diligently work towards securing the maximum compensation you’re entitled to. Feel free to connect with us today to arrange a consultation and discuss your unique requirements.

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