What Happens When You File an Insurance Claim?

Dealing with property damage is incredibly stressful and you may be wondering: “What Happens When You File an Insurance Claim?”. We want to help you avoid making mistakes when filing your claim during this difficult time.

Read these tips before filing your claim and thank us later!

  1. The Insurance Company cannot force you to use their Emergency Mitigation Companies, their General Contractors, or any of their vendors. Make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the work and the reputation of anyone you work with when it comes to the assessment of the damage done to your home.
  2. The Insurance Company cannot deny you coverage because you do not use their vendors to mitigate or restore your damages.
  3. The Insurance Company cannot dictate who you use to perform work in your home. You have the right to hire anyone you want.
  4. An Independent Adjuster working on behalf of the Insurance Company cannot deny coverage or force you to use their preferred vendors or consultants.
  5. The Insurance Company cannot penalize you for using the services of a Public Adjuster.
  6. Do not sign any contracts or forms without fully reviewing and understanding what you may be committing to if executed.

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