We protect homeowners from the games and fine print insurance companies are known for.

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Do you have a question about your homeowners insurance claim? Give us a call and we’d be happy to talk to you about your situation.

#1 Public Adjuster in Oak Park

Whenever a dispute arises due to an insurance claim, you need a public adjuster. Avner Gat Inc. is the place to go in Oak Park, California! As a firm that has been operating in the area for decades, we have extensive experience in residential and commercial insurance claims and can help you win your claim.

Don’t settle for second best! We can provide you with the best service to win the battle against your insurance company! When you file an insurance claim, your insurance company will most likely send its own adjuster to assess the damage and determine the approximate cost of repairs or renovations. This adjuster is working on behalf of the insurance company, and naturally, their mission is to maximize the benefits of the company that pays their fee, and not you. You need someone on your side to maximize your settlement. The dedicated public adjusters at Avner Gat Inc. are here for you. We evaluate your property independently, and our mission is to get you the maximum benefits under your insurance policy.

Looking for a public adjuster in Oak Park?

If you need a public adjuster in Oak Park, reach out to us! Negotiating with an insurance company is not something most people are prepared to do. But unfortunately, even when they suffer loss caused by water damage, fire, earthquake, or theft and file an insurance claim, they suddenly ran into barriers that stem mainly from their own inexperience with the giant insurance corporations. Being inexperienced sometimes lead people to make mistakes in the early stages of negotiations with the insurance company. As a result, they lose a lot of money and benefits that they should receive under the policy they paid for.

Although insurance companies are required to inform you of the coverages you are entitled to due to the damage you have suffered, they may fail to honor that obligation. Already in the first phase, they ask you misleading questions and interpret your answers to suit them so they can avoid meeting their obligations to you and even reject your claim entirely. The role of our public adjusters is to prevent such a situation and help you understand the policies and benefits to which you are entitled. Today there is another way! You don’t have to lose in a dispute with the insurance company!

As a company operating in Oak Park for a long time, we know that the insurance companies’ goal is to pay you as little as possible (or not at all.) As a client, you must negotiate with a skilled company that benefits from the deprivation of your rights. This is why you need us to fight for you and protect your rights.

Oak Park is a census-designated place (CDP) – an unincorporated community surrounded by the Simi Hills. The community is home to a little more than 13,000 residents, all living in the quaint, tranquil town. The weather in Oak Park is slightly hotter than the Southern California average with higher wind speed than the national average. Oak Park is located in a high earthquake risk area.

What Can We Do For You?

We handle all claims, and we have the means, the will, and the skills to cope with any insurance claim that includes firewater damage, earthquake or theft. We will also review your policy and clarify the ambiguity.

Today you no longer have to settle for less! Whenever there is a dispute regarding your claim, you can contact Avner Gat Inc. to represent you and resolve the dispute for you. Even in cases where the insurance company decides to reject your claim, we can give you a second opinion. We believe you deserve to get the maximum you are entitled to under your policy!

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