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We are a team of experienced adjusters that work hard to help you get properly compensated after you’ve suffered a loss.  We represent YOU and protect your interests – NOT the interests of the insurance company.

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If you are at an impasse with your insurance company because you are unable to agree on the amount of your loss, you may have the option to engage in an Appraisal.  Most policies have an Appraisal clause that allows either party to demand an Appraisal when you cannot agree on the amount of your damage. It is important to know that if you or the carrier invokes the Appraisal clause, you will have to hire and pay for your Appraiser and the insurance company will have to hire and pay for their Appraiser. Our extensive claim experience on both sides, has made us very successful Appraisers. If you are considering demanding Appraisal or if you already have, contact us immediately for further information regarding our Appraiser service. Read more about this subject in our a blog page.


If you are engaging in the Appraisal process, both Appraisers will have to select a mutually agreeable Umpire to settle any differences that may arise between them.  If they cannot agree on an Umpire, they may elect to have a judge appoint one. The cost of the Umpire is split between you and the insurance company. Again, due to our extensive claim experience on both sides we make excellent Umpires. Through our years of experience, we have gained the knowledge that allows us to be impartial and fair when resolving issues between Appraisers to determine the amount of loss. See more Professional Services we offer.

Here are 3 benefits of hiring us

Your Time – We will manage your claim and minimize the time you will have to spend dealing with adjustment issues, which including meeting with the insurance company, their contractors and various other vendors.

We Even the Playing Field – We have years of claim experience and know how to read and interpret policies to determine what you are actually entitled to recover.

Faster Resolution – We know what documentation is needed to support the amount of your loss and how it should be presented to the insurance company which usually results in you getting paid quicker.

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