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What do you do in a theft?

So, you’ve arrived at your home and suspect that your house has been broken in to.  First thing, do not go into your house. If you’ve entered, then please leave immediately. You don’t know if and when the thieves have left. Call the police from your cell phone or from a neighbor’s home line. Try not to touch anything as the thieves may have left fingerprints. When the police arrive, you’ll want to make a list of all the items that have been taken, with a description of the item and it’s purchase value.  Make a duplicate copy of this list for your insurance company. After you know that you are safe and the authorities are handling the situation, call your insurance company. Submit the necessary paperwork as quickly as possible. Most likely, your insurance company will send over an adjuster and it’s important that you don’t tamper with the evidence before they arrive. You may want to stay at a friend’s house or somewhere where you can rest and recover in the meantime, as being a victim to theft will take its toll emotionally on you. Make sure to self-care. Once you’ve finished dealing with the insurance adjuster, consider taking new safety precautions to protect your home. Read more about this subject in our a blog page.

How to prevent a theft?

Home break-ins and theft are becoming more common these days.  If you are prepared for the possibility of a break-in you can prevent the damage to you and your belongings. Here are a few recommendations to minimize your loss.


Always keep all doors and windows locked, including sun windows and garages.
Many break-ins occur because of someone neglecting to lock a window on the first floor of a house.


Consider installing video surveillance in and around your home. Having clear visible cameras can help deter thieves from breaking in.


Get a dog! This is not a joke. Burglars are less likely to break into homes if they hear a dog inside.


Think strategically when landscaping. Try to avoid giving thieves a place to hide. Make sure your front lawn is well lit.


Nowadays it is very trendy to have big open windows facing the street. Only thing is, those big windows reveal to the outside world all your big fancy belongings. Use curtains and blinds to shield your home from people passing by.


Consider installing double key deadbolts for all your doors. If you have door window glass, then make sure at least one of the bolts is out of reach if someone were to break through the glass.


Keep all of your valuables in a well-hidden and password protected safe. Also back up all your computers in case those valuables are stolen.


Keep a record of all your valuables with photos and purchase prices in a secure location. You will need these records for your insurance company if your home is broken into.

Did You Know?

One in every thirty-six homes will be burglarized in the United States this year.
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Here are 3 benefits of hiring us

Your Time – We will manage your claim and minimize the time you will have to spend dealing with adjustment issues, which including meeting with the insurance company, their contractors and various other vendors.

We Even the Playing Field – We have years of claim experience and know how to read and interpret policies to determine what you are actually entitled to recover.

Faster Resolution – We know what documentation is needed to support the amount of your loss and how it should be presented to the insurance company which usually results in you getting paid quicker.

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