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We are a team of experienced adjusters that work hard to help you get properly compensated after you’ve suffered a loss.  We represent YOU and protect your interests – NOT the interests of the insurance company.

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Professional Consultants

Attorneys, Accountants and Other Professionals. We often work as consultants to other business professionals who have clients dealing with a first party property damage claim. We are hired to evaluate the adjustment of a variety of losses to determine if it has been properly paid or if there are areas that should be pursued for additional compensation.

Expert Witnesses

Attorneys who represent insureds that have a first party property damage claim will often retain us as expert witnesses during or before litigation.  As expert witnesses, we thoroughly review the claim and evaluate its handling in order to provide our professional opinion on the practices and procedures used in the adjustment of the loss.

Here are 3 of the biggest benefits of hiring us

Your Time – We will manage your claim and minimize the time you will have to spend dealing with adjustment issues, which including meeting with the insurance company adjusters, their contractors and various other vendors.

We Even the Playing Field – We have years of claims experience and know how to read and interpret policies to determine what you are actually entitled to recover.

Faster Resolution – We know what documentation is needed to support the amount of your loss and how it should be presented to the insurance company which usually results in you getting paid quicker.

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