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#1 Public Adjusters in Granada Hills

When there is a dispute with your insurance claim, you call a public adjuster. When you need the best public adjuster in Granada Hills, you call Avner Gat Inc.! We are experienced in handling residential and commercial claims, and our experts can lead you to win your insurance claim. 

So, why settle for less? Contact us today to help you with your insurance claim!

After you file an insurance claim, your insurance company sends its own adjuster to evaluate the damage to your property. The same adjusters will also determine the estimated cost for repairs or renovations. The adjuster receives their fee from the insurance company and therefore they may be motivated to undervalue your claim on behalf of their employer. To avoid this problem, call Avner Gat Inc. to represent your interests. We do not receive any upfront fees and upfront costs. Our commission is derived from the money we bring to you as part of your insurance claim, which motivates us to get the best results in the shortest time.

Why do you need public adjusters in Granada Hills?

If you are looking for public adjusters in Granada Hills, reach out to Avner Gat Inc.!

Negotiating with an insurance company is not an everyday activity; thus, most people have no experience in facing the giant insurance corporations. Unfortunately, insurance companies may mislead you with deliberate questions and interpret your answers to  fit their agenda, though they are clearly aware of your original intent. This practice allows them to undervalue your damage and reduce your benefits or reject your claim altogether. 

Making a mistake on your insurance claim could cost you down the road. In addition, although your insurance company is required to inform you of all the coverages under your policy, they may not make things clear to you. This means that you will not always be aware of your rights according to your policy. A professional public adjuster can review your policy and advise you of the rights and benefits to which you are entitled under your policy.

The suburban neighborhood of Granada Hills is frequently described as “The Valley’s Most Neighborly Town.” Located in the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountains, this diverse neighborhood was originally founded as an agricultural community. Today, Granada Hills is no longer an agricultural center, but residents still grow some of the fruits that once made up the city’s citrus groves. 

Unfortunately, idyllic beauty is not the only feature of Granada Hills. The city frequently suffers from wildfires and bushfires. During the massive Saddleridge Fire of 2019, properties throughout Granada Hills were reduced to rubble. According to fire officials, over 16,000 homes were ordered to evacuate – which affected an estimated 70,000 people. While most of the damage from the Saddleridge Fire has since been repaired,  Granada Hills could still be struck by future blazes. If you’re dealing with property damage following a natural disaster – such as wildfires, earthquakes, or flooding – don’t wait to call a public adjuster in Granada Hills!


What Can We Do For You?

At Avner Gat, Inc., no claim is too big or too small for us. We are qualified to handle all claims and adhere to all the details of your policy. Whether you suffer from water damage, fire, theft or earthquake, our dedicated professionals are at your disposal.

We conduct independent damage assessment and in cases where your insurance claim is denied, we can give you a second opinion. We have been working in the public arena for decades and believe that people have the right to receive the maximum benefits from their insurance policy.

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